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Get the modern application using the latest technologies and frameworks

FlexSolution offers exceptional Java/J2EE programming services to suit the web and desktop application development requirements of the clients.We provide offshore and onsite Java application development with high quality performance. Our company particularly fulfils the needs of diverse enterprises impeccably. The company aims its J2EE application development service to be flexible, scalable and easy to implement. Java programming language is the best and an obvious choice for us to handle the enterprise application development projects. Our Java developers work hard on various branches of Java/J2EE development to deliver the business solution for enterprises of all sizes.

FlexSolution has a huge expertise to design complex Java applications. We provide secure and reliable applications built on Java. Our solutions are FLEXIBLE, robust, platform-independent and scalable. We keep up with the latest technology so that to deliver the best and most up-to-date applications to our clients.

We offer a full range of consulting and software development which includes everything you need:

  • We are experts in Spring (JDBC, Security, MVC, Surf, etc.), Hibernate, Ibatis, Struts, Appache (POI, Commons, Lang, etc.), Servlet API, JSP, JSTL, JSF, FTL and so on
  • We provide integration with different types of databases: Mysql, Postgre, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, H2 and Mongo
  • We use various types of build tools like Maven, Ant and Gradle that depend on the aim of the project
  • SonarQube platform helps us to deliver the best code quality
  • Using Tomcat, Jboss, Glassfish, WebLogic or WebSphere for the web-based application deploy
  • To achieve faster and more accurate results, we use Agile-based development and delivery process
  • Automated application testing
  • Tuning performance using Caching and JVM tuning

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