Alfresco Development

You may be surprised how powerful Alfresco ECM is

Alfresco ECM — an Enterprise Content Management System with an open source developed by Alfresco company. Alfresco ECM enables to arrange a teamwork among colleagues providing the following main possibilities:

  • Common paper work
  • Common work with articles at the back-end portal using Wiki approach
  • Holding discussions. Discussions is a sort of a forum where any employee can create a new talk and the rest of workers can take part in it leaving their messages
  • Keeping blogs
  • Work flow arrangement
  • Work process usage

Alfresco ECM is a leader in the field of Enterprise Content Management Systems with the support of a large number of different protocols: WebDAV, CIFS, FTP, Sharepoint, CMIS, IMAP, SMTP

FlexSolution is a professional and experienced company that has already implemented a huge number of projects based on Alfresco successfully. There are only the most skilled Alfresco developers in our company that have already done a lot of different customizations for Alfresco and integrated Alfresco with different third party applications (like EtherCalc, EtherPad, JavaPowUploader, FlexPaper viewer, Tesseract OCR). Our team have also implemented a lot of additional features.

You can find a list of services below that we provide for Alfresco:

  • Installing and configuring Alfresco
  • Creating custom models (types,properties,aspects)
  • Creating custom webscripts (java, js based);
  • Creating custom dashlets
  • Creating custom rules
  • Creating custom behavior
  • Creating custom roles/permissions
  • Creating custom transformers
  • Tuning mail server
  • Tuning CIFS
  • Tuning Sharepoint
  • Creating custom Activiti Workflows
  • Creating custom Audit application
  • Creating custom forms and templates
  • Creating mail report
  • Creating new types of sites
  • Customizing user and site dashboards
  • Patching java and javascript code to change work logic
  • Tuning SSL
  • Integrating with LDAP and CAS
  • Installing Addons
  • Migrating content

Make sure of our professionalism and take a look at extensions that we’ve already implemented for Alfresco ECM at Solutions page.

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