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Application Development

Application Development Services

Each business has some processes that can be enhanced and automate. We offer the programming services that will cover needs exactly of your business. It could be processing documents, email notifications, data analysing, data crawling, preparing reports or anything else that you can imagine.

We base our application development services on Java programming language and all related technologies and frameworks. It could be web-application, desktop application or console application, it doesn't matter for us. The primary goal is to help your business grow and get rid of useless spending the time.

Our primary language is Java as it is enterprise level language. It is secure, reliable and flexible enough. It can work on any OS and connect to any database. There are a vast number of libraries that allows implementing required applications within a reasonable timeframe.

Our application development services
  • Expertise in Spring (Boot, Data, JDBC, Security, MVC, Surf, Integration, etc.), Hibernate, Ibatis, Struts, Apache (ActiveMQ, Pig, Hadoop, POI, Commons, Lang, etc.), Servlet API, JSP, JSTL, JSF, FTL
  • Integration with different types of databases: Mysql, Postgre, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, H2, Mongo and other
  • Using various types of build tools like Maven, Ant and Gradle that depend on the aim of the project
  • SonarQube platform helps us to deliver the best code quality
  • Using Tomcat, Jboss, Glassfish, WebLogic or WebSphere for the web-based application deploy
  • To achieve faster and more accurate results, we use Agile-based development and delivery process
  • Automated application testing
  • Tuning performance using Caching and JVM tuning
FlexSolution provides the full cycle of Application Development Services from the estimate to implementation and maintenance of the solution. We have flexible prices and partnerships conditions. Hire the dedicated team of experts or include our Java developer or Full stack developer to your team to achieve your goals. Full, part-time or by the project work - all these possible. 
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