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Alfresco Services

Alfresco Services

What is Alfresco ECM?

Alfresco ECM is open source, modern and secure enterprise content management system. Sometimes people call it the document management system, but it isn't correct because Alfresco is much powerful than they think.

To give you some understanding of Alfresco functionality we list the supported protocols:

  • FTP
  • WebDav
  • CMIS
  • IMAP
  • SMTP
  • Microsoft SharePoint Protocols (SPP, AOS)
  • CIFS

Alfresco is the platform that allows automating business processes inside the company, collaborate and discuss some topics, keep calendar events, write blogs, categorise documents, manage access and many else.

Who is Alfresco ECM for?

Based on our experience we can say that Alfresco is a great choice for small and medium business. It covers all needs of content management.

For example, insurance companies love Alfresco because it allows storing documents and easily finds them when needed due to its excellent ability to apply additional metadata and great search engine (Solr) that search documents by metadata and content.

Construction companies love Alfresco because it allows managing projects, split responsibility, use dashboards for tracking the progress, the calendar for planning events, the workflows for automation processes (for example for approval or request for information) and permissions management to restrict access to the documentation based on a role.

Other companies love Alfresco as they can integrate it into own infrastructure because of support different OS, databases (for example MySQL, Postgres, Microsoft SQL), the support LDAP, CAS (SSO) and various protocols to pull and push the data.


Our Alfresco Development Services


Alfresco Consulting
  • Alfresco consulting services about the system architecture;
  • Applying business requirements to Alfresco
  • Writing user guides for Alfresco
  • Teaching how to use Alfresco
  • Alfresco support & Maintenance
Alfresco Administrating
  • Installation Alfresco to the server
  • Configuration Alfresco
  • Alfresco protocols configuration (Sharepoint, FTP, IMAP, SMTP, CIFS)
  • Proxy server configuration (Nginx, Apache2)
  • Alfresco SSL set up
  • Alfresco Backup & Recovery Tool configuration
  • Alfresco trashcan cleaner configuration
  • Active Directory configuration (LDAP)
  • Alfresco SSO configuration (CAS)
  • Alfresco Audit configuration
  • Applying add-ons to Alfresco
Alfresco Migrating
  • Migrate from Sharepoint to Alfresco
  • Migrate from any DMS to Alfresco
  • Migrate to the latest version of Alfresco
  • Migrate form Alfresco Community to Alfresco Enterprise
  • Migrate from Alfresco Enterprise to Alfresco Community
Alfresco Implementation
  • Custom REST API endpoints (webscripts)
  • Alfresco workflow implementation (based on Activiti engine)
  • Alfresco cron jobs implementation
  • Alfresco custom content transformers implementation
  • Alfresco models implementation (types, associations, aspects)
  • Alfresco actions implementation
  • Alfresco rules implementation
  • Custom roles and permissions implementation (ACL)
  • Implementation of custom Alfresco behaviours
  • Alfresco patches and bootstrap implementation
  • Third-party integration with Alfresco (OCR, Barcode Reader, Liferay, Odoo)
Alfresco UI customization
  • Developing custom Alfresco pages
  • Alfresco Forms configuration and customization
  • User and Site Dashboards customization
  • Implementation of custom Alfresco Document Library actions and indicators
  • Building corporate theme for Alfresco
FlexSolution provides the full cycle of Alfresco Development Services from the estimate to implementation and maintenance of the solution. We have flexible prices and partnerships conditions. Hire the dedicated team of experts or include our Alfresco developer to your team to achieve your goals. Full, part-time or by the project work - all these possible. 
Contact us today, and we will find the best way of collaboration!