Implementation of UI based on Vaadin14


About Project

Industry: Enterprise
Project Status: Maintenance

Vaadin 14 based application. Some kind of admin panel. The application has the possibility to store User and Merchant Data and manipulate them (with CRUD operations) depends on the User Role. Also, the user can add financial accounts (with connection to 'Stripe' payment system). There some different UI forms and grids in the projects. All UI part is adaptive and looks nice on the mobile devises, tablets, laptops, and desktops. The application implements authentication, 'forgot the password' issue, and Google OAuth2.

used technologies

The Server side:
  • JVM
  • Oauth2
The Frontend side:
  • Vaadin 14
  • CSS
The Backend side:
  • Java 13
  • Spring Boot
  • Spring Data
  • Spring Security
  • Stripe (Java)
  • H2 Data Base
  • Scribe Java