Integration Alfresco and CRM (ADF)


About Project

Industry: Enterprise
Project Status: Maintenance

The goal of the project was to integrate Alfresco with 3rd-party CRM system to automate some business processes. The integration was done via WebDav protocol and included developing: Document Models, Webscripts, Behaviours, Scheduled Jobs, Documents Version Control. The challenging part was to convert a batch of JSON files into searchable metadata and then merge metadata with PDF documents which could be uploaded in parallel. For the user interface, we used ADF (Alfresco Development Framework) that is based on Angular 6 and covered all requirements of the customer.

used technologies

The Server side:
  • DockerCompose
  • Docker
  • NGinx
  • Linux
  • JVM
  • Postgres
  • Alfresco 6.2
  • Solr
The Frontend side:
  • Javascript
  • ADF
  • Angular 6
  • HTML
  • SASS
The Backend side:
  • Java
  • Spring Framework
  • Alfresco SDK
  • FasterXML/Jackson
  • Quartz Scheduler