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Happy birthday to us
Sergey Palyukh
11. Apr ‘19

On Monday, April 1, our company "FlexSolution" celebrated its 4th birthday. Each new birthday of the company is a new stage of its activity, new achievements, new customers and new successes.

Why is Java so popular?
Sergey Palyukh
05. Apr ‘19

Java cannot be called new technology. It was created in 1995, and since then many “young” competitors have appeared on the market. During this time, the language did not have time to become obsolete, but it acquired a lot of improvements and a huge community of fans.

Deploy definition through Alfresco Workflow console
Sergey Palyukh
16. Jan ‘19

Alfresco Workflow console is an excellent tool that allows deploying workflow definitions to alfresco without restart, so it speeds up the development process very much. However, we noticed that some developers don't use it at all, maybe, because there are no examples of how to use it. Therefore here is some simple guide on how to deploy Activiti workflow definition.