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Hello World

Sergey Palyukh
06. Dec ‘18


Hi friends, today we are delighted to present our redesigned website. Last 4 years we worked hard to help our customers and partners to optimize their business. We worked in different business areas such as medicine, telecom, construction, insurance, government and others. We used different technologies (Alfresco, Activiti, Liferay, Hippo, Vaadin, etc) and architectures of solutions to help them to bring the business to the next level and we are happy to see how they are growing and getting success.

Meantime, FlexSolution company doesn't stand still:

  • we always learn something new by attending different conferences, webinars and master-classes
  • we are growing by hiring motivated and experienced developers into our great friendly team
  • we publish Alfresco Extensions that solve some document management issues
  • we work on own SAAS product (really nice product) that will be presented very soon

In addition, we start our own blog where we will share our expertise, give advice, guides and other information that can help in business, code development or administrating.

If you have some potential project, the idea of a startup or you just need some consultations, then don't hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to help.