Alfresco Content Services Certified Engineers (ACSE)

Certified Alfresco Developers

Sergey Palyukh
09. Sep ‘19


FlexSolution journey continues to flourish. Now our development centre in Kharkiv got certified Alfresco developers after the successful passage of Alfresco Content Services Certified Engineer (ACSCE) exam. Unlike other companies that provide outsourcing services, we can guarantee compliance with deadlines and ensure quality throughout the development of your project.

Most Alfresco-based projects require skilled teamwork. That is why we recommend choosing companies that have a real team instead of "soap bubbles" that do not have sufficient resources for high-quality development.

Alfresco's own certified team of developers means:
  • exchange of experience within the team;
  • quality training within the team, certification of developers;
  • high-quality development process;
  • excellent result.

Having successfully leapt over the numerous training hurdles, they've now made their mark on the Alfresco community. Congratulations!

What was that exam about?

The exam our developers took was based upon demonstrating competency in the activities that an Alfresco Content Services Engineer would be expected to perform on a regular basis.

  • Understand the Alfresco Content Services Architecture
  • Understand the Alfresco Repository Subsystems
  • Develop Content Models
  • Package and deploy extensions and modules for Alfresco Content Services
  • Configure and develop extensions for the Alfresco Share UI
  • Develop applications and services using the Alfresco APIs
  • Extend the Alfresco Content Services REST API using Web Scripts
  • Develop workflows and task models for Alfresco Content Services
  • Integrate with external applications using the REST API and protocols such as CMIS
What does it mean for you, our clients?
  • You can trust in our wide expertise and get access to the best quality service from our highly qualified developers
  • You know your programming development is in safe and certified hands
  • Your project is being created by some of the top Alfresco developers in the world

To find other features of our cooperation, learn more about Alfresco or why you should choose FlexSolution, drop us a line and we'd be happy to talk.