1th of April is our day

Happy birthday to us

Sergey Palyukh
11. Apr ‘19


Each organization has a special date that is celebrated annually in a corporate spirit. This is the day the company was founded, the so-called company birthday (Company Day).

On Monday, April 1, our company "FlexSolution" celebrated its 4th birthday

Each new birthday of the company is a new stage of its activity, new achievements, new customers and new successes.

During the official part of the celebration, the company’s performance over the past period was summed up, and plans for the company's further development were announced. 

At the celebration, the atmosphere of cohesion reigned, which is the strongest incentive for the coordinated and high-quality work of the team and the achievement of new heights.

We thank our customers. Thank you for making high demands. You are making a significant contribution to our development. Thank you for your trust!

We thank our partners for their support, professionalism and fulfillment of their obligations! We appreciate our cooperation!

And, of course, thanks to the whole FlexSolution Team. Today we are developing areas for future cooperation with European customers and constantly continue to grow — both in quantity and in the effectiveness of our work. A strong team focused on continuous development is the key to our continued advancement!

It's only the beginning! Wish you commitment, friends!

Whether you want to share our emotions check out some photos from the corporate party.