Ukrainian Software Developers are really good

7 Reasons to cooperate with Ukrainian software development companies

Sergey Palyukh
21. Mar ‘19


One of the biggest IT communities in Europe is located in Ukraine, so it turns out that this country is one of the most attractive destinations for outsourcing software development

The Ukrainian market offers an extensive talent pool and wide-ranging expertise in various technologies and industry domains. 

Numerous globally recognized brands cooperate with Ukrainian software developers like Microsoft, Samsung Electronics, Apple, Boeing, Skype, PayPal eBay, Siemens, IBM, etc.

Whether you are new to this state and wondering why cooperating with Ukrainian software development companies totally well worth it just check out the most crucial reasons to start our relationship right now.

1. High Level of IT Product development

The IT sector continues to be one of the most dynamic and developing segments of our country's economy. Despite the continuing stagnation of the Ukrainian economy, exports of IT services from Ukraine grew by 20%.

Such world recognised companies like Microsoft, Facebook and Google open their representative offices. More and more investors every year come with their capital to take part in the most would-be successful startups. 

Over the last few years, Ukraine has reached the top list of trustable countries in IT product development.

The contribution of the IT market to the economy last year amounted to about 4% of the country's GDP, and in subsequent years will continue to increase.

If the existing growth rates are maintained after 5 years, information technologies have every chance to reach second place in the structure of Ukrainian exports.

2.  Huge number of skilled specialists

A large number of Universities and schools that grow quality Junior IT specialists is located in Ukraine. The level of education is really high. Every year more than 36,000 students graduate from local universities with degrees in IT-related fields. What's more, World Economic Forum named Ukraine among the top 10 countries globally by the number of engineering, manufacturing, and construction graduates producing an annual total of 130.000 graduates.

3. Most Of  the Ukrainian Specialists Speak English

Eighty percent of Ukraine’s tech workers report having an intermediate or higher level of English proficiency. The majority of software development and IT outsourcing companies in Ukraine offer free English classes for their employees which increases their English fluency levels.

About 80% of developers have a conversational level of English and are well versed in technical vocabulary, so the risks of language barriers and bottlenecks in communication are minimized. Over 40% of Ukrainian developers are fluent in English. 

4. Competitive costs ranges

More competitive outsourcing rates accompanied by a much larger tech talent pool is the reason why Ukraine is more in demand than our neighbours (Poland, Belarus, and the Czech Republic).

The average hourly rate of Ukrainian's software developers is in the $25-40 range.

What is more, the recent changes in Ukraine’s licensing significantly improved the doing business in the country.

5. Good geographical location

Ukraine is located in the central part of Eastern Europe at the intersection of transport routes from Europe to Asia and from the Scandinavian countries to the countries of the Mediterranean region.

It means that whether you want to deal with Ukrainian developers face to face or just want to have meetings once a month you don’t have to plan your visits in a year. Just take the next plane flying to Kyiv, and you’ll be in the capital in a couple of hours.

In addition, Ukraine made traveling to the EU clients even easier by approving a visa-free travel regime for Ukrainians in 2017.

6. Time zone and hours flexibility

Being only 1 hour ahead of most European countries, Ukraine is an incredibly convenient location for nearshoring, as it enables smooth communication and workflow between geographically dispersed teams.

Ukrainian developers can adapt to customers in such a way that the working day captures at least 6 hours of the customer's working day. We have a flexible schedule and a very convenient time zone.

Despite the fact that we are at GMT +2 Time Zone, developers often make hours more flexible for comfort cooperation with the client.

7. Cultural Compatibility

Ukrainian specialists are very loyal and dedicated, they strive to understand business processes and add value to it. 

Our workers are famous for their responsibleness, as well as, they are tolerant, educated and have deep knowledge of every sphere they work with. Ukrainian people respect corporate ethics and are very hard working especially when dealing with foreign clients.

Whether now you agree that Ukrainian IT is just a rough diamond that has everything to be on top, so we are on the right way in our relationship. 

Turn to experts from FlexSolution to feel our professionalism in work, desire to be the best version of ourselves and take part in our road to the best worldwide software development companies.