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Alfresco Multidashboards add-on

We have implemented this add-on to enhance the power of Alfresco dashboards. Using Alfresco multi-dashboards add-on you can create additional dashboards for each Alfresco site and configure different layouts and dashlets for them. It allows splitting...


Reset Password add-on

Forgot password of the Alfresco account? Alfresco Reset Password add-on allows users to reset their password comfortably. It works as follow: user clicks reset password button then he writes his email address, after that he will receive the email mes...


Alfresco Sites Logo Changer

The add-on allows you to specify different logos for your Alfresco Share sites. Any user with manager's rights can do that by using the appropriate option in the site menu....


Alfresco Social Login add-on

Alfresco Social Login add-on allows people to sign up in Alfresco using their LinkedIn account and use it for login into Alfresco. The extension works through the OAuth2. It means that we can add the support of other social sites like google, faceboo...


Self registration add-on

The primary goal of this add-on is to add the ability of registration to the Alfresco ECM for external users. Usually, people use Alfresco as an internal document management system that requires the administrator to set up access for the users, but s...


Alfresco Share Theme builder

Alfresco Share Theme builder is a SAAS application that provides an easy way of generation of the own theme for Alfresco Share. You only need to fill up the form, and during the next several minutes you will receive generated AMP with the theme by th...